Combat Vets TN 18-3 Scavenger Hunt Registration

CVMA 18-3 Knoxville’s 4th annual Scavenger Hunt,  is a sanctioned ride

Why Choose Us?

The emblem/logo of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is in the shape of a skull. The incorporated colors are:

Red: represents the blood that has been shed on the battlefield.

Military Gold: represents all branches of the military service of the United States.

Black: represents the heavy hearts possessed for those who gave their lives and for those that are considered missing in action or prisoners of war.

The Skull and Ace of Spade: represents the death that war leaves in its wake.


If you plan to attend.  Please call the hotel to make your reservations.  Spots are limited Please Call 

The Oak Tree Lodge 


*Ask for CVMA Rate COMBO20


1620 Parkway, Sevierville, TN 37862